Flock-logoFlock is presenting a new version 1.0 for its social browser the new version includes new RSS reader and start page. It will support sidebar that hangs out on the right side of the browser. In this version Flicker face book and you tube are just a tab away. One of the finest features of the Flock is “media minibar”. With the help of this feature one can put together pictures and video clips from other people and can create contacts on Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Piczo, Photobucket, and Truveo.it`s basically an extension of the RSS reader and also let it user share the page with others.

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No_piracyThe counter the growing shadow of piracy U.S chamber of commerce is organizing two day annual summit on piracy. They will also discuss about how to prevent intellectual property and government’s plan on this stand. Jeff Zucker the chief of NBC Universal and Philippe Dauman, Viacom's CEO will speak in Washington D.C.  Orin Hatch the U.S. Senator and Dan Glickman, chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America will also participate in the summit.

TruphoneTruphone launches a useful service for the international traveller’s .By using WiFi technique calls are diverted to the data network instead of mobile phone this save lots of money especially for international roaming. The company has decided to join hand with the iPhone .Now a user can also enjoy the facility of WiFi radio in their iPhone . So be prepared to make a call from a phone without a SIM card in it.

MicrosoftMicrosoft adds one new feature on the company’s web sites. Now it will include a stop watch on new video-ads. As the viewer will open the MSN he will see an advertisement before watching their first video and after every three minute a new add will appear. Soapbox Microsoft’s video sharing site will also show the ads.