Flock going 1.0, adding RSS reader and lots of tabs

Flock-logoFlock is presenting a new version 1.0 for its social browser the new version includes new RSS reader and start page. It will support sidebar that hangs out on the right side of the browser. In this version Flicker face book and you tube are just a tab away. One of the finest features of the Flock is “media minibar”. With the help of this feature one can put together pictures and video clips from other people and can create contacts on Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Piczo, Photobucket, and Truveo.it`s basically an extension of the RSS reader and also let it user share the page with others.

If user find anything interesting on a site he can drag over any link to share it, or post it on his blog or social networking profile.

Flock makes sharing easy with some advanced contextual menu. The powerful feature of this version is its sharing feature, and integration with you tube, facebookand flicker. The RSS reader makes it useful package. Not many people will be willing to discard their current RSS readers and browser for Flock’s solution, but the new generation will find it quite happening and they will go for it.

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