How to Grow your Hair Faster in a Month

Make-your-hair-grow-fasterMany men and women who are having reduced hair growth and hair loss are desperately seeking an answer for the question that is how to make your hair grow faster in a month.  They are ready to experiment with any best alternative methods that can prove with at least one or two inches growth so that they can continue the method for achieving the desire of having a long hair soon. Now day’s hair related problems and issues are a major concern for an individual and it gives more mental strain and stress to cope with it.

Try to avoid stress and tension for having proper hair growth in a month

According to experts, a person who has lot of stress and tension in their personal and official life has reduced hair growth or hair falls. The present modern lifestyle and busy schedules in life makes a person totally neglect his personal health to a great extent. Therefore a person should find ways to reduce stress and tension. You can cultivate the habit of sitting for meditation for a while in the early morning and evening hours. You can also practice yoga or swimming.
These activities really help to reduce stress and tension from the body and mind. Try to share your personal problems with your family members and official problems with friends or colleagues so that an amicable solution can be attained in the issues boiling in your mind. You can feel the improvement in hair growth within a month if you practice and indulge in these activities.

Try to have well balanced diet in regular intervals

Good-diet-to-grow-hair-fasterHair actually contains more keratinized protein. In order to make hair grow faster, make sure that your diet includes lot of protein in it.  Do have the habit of consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as milk, egg whites, whole grains, seafood and nuts. For a better hair growth, you need a lot of vitamins in your body.  The main sources of vitamins for hair growth are vitamins C, B and biotin. You should also add minerals like nettle, selenium, sulfur, magnesium, silica, zinc and flax seed oil.
The overall health of your system can be boosted by vitamin C and it is an essential nutrient for hair growth. Have regular well balanced food at right intervals and never have the habit of skipping a meal. You feel the difference in hair growth in a month if you strictly follow having a balanced food.

Indulge in scalp massage for better hair growth

Scalp-massageThe process of stimulating the blood flow to the scalp region is a good method for improving hair growth. It really helps in increasing the blood flow to the scalp region and it actually helps to grow hair quickly in a month.  You can gently massage your head with any herbal oil or coconut oil for nearly 15 minutes daily in the morning and evening. This activity can be done by self or with the help of family members or friends. Therefore you needn’t visit any massaging center or beauty parlor for the need of scalp massaging. Scalp massage helps to keep your mind relaxed and calm. It will really help you to get rid of headaches too. You can also join any aerobic class to indulge in proper exercise for your head and body too.

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