MP4 Players

SEMPRAmainsmallmp4MP3 players created history in the world of entertainment with it’s portability it allows its owners to enjoy their favorite songs at any place.
Now hold on here come MP4 players to create a new buzz in the market. It not only allows it’s user to listen their favorite songs now they can also enjoy their favorite movies, daily soaps, music videos along with their classic song collection.MP4 become very popular gadget in Asian markets.

If  you think this is all your MP4 Player can do for you then the answer is NO you can listen to your favorite FM channel, you can also record your voice "notes" even you can read your favorite e-book too on your MP4 player for this purpose ASCII text viewer is used. Generally players include viewer for image file.

Players are embedded with the conversion software. Videos are generally played in MTV or AMV format. Some units include a phone book application, a voice recorder, and an FM radio, making it possible to record FM broadcasts. Finally, some units include video games in the firmware.

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