Swedish company TerraNet has developed the idea using peer-to-peer technology that means user will be able to speak on his handset without any base stations or network. This technology is best for the remote area where network is not easily feasible.

Mobile phone manufacturer Ericsson had invested around £3m in TerraNet, and this indicated that the business model for the network is sound.

MicrosoftMicrosoft adds one new feature on the company’s web sites. Now it will include a stop watch on new video-ads. As the viewer will open the MSN he will see an advertisement before watching their first video and after every three minute a new add will appear. Soapbox Microsoft’s video sharing site will also show the ads.

Searchengine-fightThe fight among the search Engine goes on. The seat of no.1 hang between the Yahoo and Google but  Google eventually claimed the title two years ago, and Yahoo countered their position by saying that relevancy is more important than size. Google updated its search site. It will include images, videos and other search types in the form of list. Ask.com also entered in the area of search engine .it’s search result page will incorporate all type of search resulting in one page but in separate area.Ask.com also empowered its home page by adding video search .The user can also enjoy the video previews just by moving the cursor over the thumbnail image .

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