What Do Bed Bugs Look Like on Mattress?

Bed bugs have emerged as menace in America and Australia. Unfamiliar with what do bed bugs look like on mattress, bed or pillow, the people remain puzzled of itching, red swelling and inflammation, caused enigmatically on their skin during sleep.

Little about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the small wingless insects, identifiable by their oval-shaped body and dark reddish-skin(check bed bugs pictures). Hiding easily into crevices or cracks of wooden bed, doors, furniture and other wood-structures of house, these non-flying small bugs happen to be parasite mostly on fresh warm blood of humans and animals. What causes these blood-sucking insects in the house is still mysterious. It is lack of knowledge among the people, regarding bed bugs which paves the way for theirs unchecked infestation in entire house. These blood-hungry bugs get swing into action in the night hours only. They target, especially a dormant body of sleeper, so as to accomplish their job with great success.

As these bugs come out of theirs hideouts only in the night hours to suck blood on armpits, thighs, waist, neck and thin-skinned region, the sleeper keeps rolling on bed restlessly, completely unaware of something, biting him/her repeatedly on some specific region of body. As the bed bugs happen to be guileful and sneaky by nature, they comprehend easily every attempt of sleeper to deal them. Fathoming sleeper’s waking up and moving ahead to deal with them, the blood-sucking bed bugs run faster to hide by entering into stitches of sleeper’s garments or mattress, catching the person unawares of theirs being on blood-sucking spree.

Where do bed bugs originate from?

It yet has not been ascertained even by the scientists. Sweat-caused humid condition of bed, though is believed to be a major cause of bed bugs, it has not been substantiated through any scientific experimentation. Had it been the fact, laundries or washhouses would have been victimized of bed bugs’ menace. As the condition of bed bugs-affected houses matches with what is universally believed is the cause, it is presumed to be the cause of bed bugs, though not authemntically.

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed-bugs-on-mattressIf unacquaintedness of yours with what do bed bugs look like on mattress, pillow or bed is the only reason of these insects’ unchecked infestation in your house, you should get yourself introduced with its appearance and shape. Being oval in shape and with invisible streaks on its chocolate-like dark red body, the bed bugs look just like small cockroaches. Such confusion among the people allows theirs infestation in the house.

Do bed bugs bite on pets?

As fresh warm blood is what the bed bugs cravingly prowl for, in the night hours, every mammal, be it human or animal happens to be theirs destination, they seize upon, on smelling blood. Cats, rats and birds also are bitten by these bed bugs which contributes in theirs large-scale infestation in the house. The people wake up and do inspect bitten region if bitten by bed bugs, while the helpless pets can’t deal with these bugs as theirs furry skin itself provides them protection allowing them to suck their blood immodestly.







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